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If you wish to contact the administrators or pitch a contribution then you are very welcome to contact us at:


5 responses to “Contact Us

  1. andy benson

    There is a quote from Eric Pickles (pamphlet called ‘what we have to do’) on the Roe Valley Socialist blog from last July. I’m trying to track down this pamphlet or get its provenance so I can quote it. Can anyone help?

    in solidarity,


  2. Hey Andy,

    That ‘pamphlet’ was actually just a quote from Lenin’s ‘What is to be Done?’, only edited into Big Society-speak after Pickles talked about setting up Vanguards for ‘big society revolution’ in the Guardian. Unfortunately it doesn’t actually exist.

  3. Fantastic blog, nice to see the great unrest period being further explored, it tends to get over looked on the left.

  4. Red Sonja

    I love the site. Where is the photo from?

  5. I think the photo is actually from the Red Clydeside period… a few years after the Great Unrest so we cheated a bit…

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